About Us

Nankharia group is a leading business enterprise headed by experienced Engineers & commerce & tax experts. It has experience in businesses like: civil construction, ware-housing, Share Broking and Solar Energy. It is known for its high quality Products & Services rendered to a wide range of clients since last more than 24years.

Nankharia Energy

Nankharia Energy is a reputed engineering firm to provide service in the field of solar power & assist clients in achieving energy independence. We are here with a team of qualified engineers to provide end to end solutions in off grid solar power installations to the domestic and industrial customers. We provide a full range of reliable products and efficient services necessary for the proper integration of solar power into our nation's current and evolving electrical infrastructure. We also help our customers choose best quality products with appropriate specification to satisfy their need at lowest cost.

Our Vision

We are a group of technocrats, as a part of our obligation towards society we have decided to take up project on Green Energy. Our projects are aimed at making our mother earth worth living for all creatures. The huge rise in energy consumption by modern world has put huge pressure on the conventional sources of energy Sun is the biggest source of energy on earth. With over 300 clear sunny days available annually in India, there is a huge potential to tap, store and retrieve solar power. Electrification of homes, offices and even cities using solar power systems will help us achieve significant amount of power for our country at cheapest rates, thereby bring down carbon emission too.


Our objective is to become a globally recognized catalyst that every individual, groups, NGOs and Governments would want to engage us while seeking to achieve their goal. Our core competency, knowledge and efforts would help boost industry know-how, proper installation methods, equipment manufacturer awareness, grid transmission and infrastructure understanding, in-depth energy financing practices, and our proprietary design techniques. Quality service and product excellence shall remain our motto