How Do I Contact Nankharia Energy?

You can call or email one of our Solar Product Experts at +91-240-2341123 or info@nankharia.com, visit our contacts page for all contact details.


Where is Nankharia Energy Located?

We're located in the city of Aurangabad, State: Maharashtra, India. Check us out on the Google Map on our Customer Service page.


Does Nankharia Energy Sell and Ship Internationally?

Yes, we are pleased to serve our international clients. Please feel free to Contact Us prior to placing your order through e-mail or phone for details like payment mode, shipments etc or any of your queries.


How do I know about deals, offer by Nankharia Energy?

We usually put all our offers, discounts and schemes on our site regularly. You can certainly contact us to know more about them. What are shipping rates and taxes applicable? The shipping rates are on real time basis and are conveyed to the client before shipping. Products are usually sent on to-pay basis. Taxes like VAT and Octroi are applicable at prevailing rates at the time of shipping.


What is the warranty given on the products we buy?

Despite Nankharia Energy’s best endeavors, there is no warranty on behalf of Nankharia Energy. The warranty if any given by manufacturers is extended to our customers accordingly. The Nankharia Energy website and all materials and information here are provided on an "as is" basis. The content of this website is based on information available to Nankharia Energy as at the time of editing and accordingly may not remain current.


How do I know if my location receives enough solar energy to make electricity?

We conduct a complete site examination, to determine whether solar is a viable solution for your location. Almost all parts of India have sufficient sun light for an average of 300 days in a year.


Why do I go for solar?

Almost all parts of India have sufficient sun light for an average of 300 days in a year. SUN is an unending source of energy to earth. If it can be utilized properly we shall save huge amount of fossil fuel and thus save carbon emission too.

• Solar reduces your electricity bills and pays for itself.

• Going solar means you are hedging against the rising cost of electricity. There are various incentives given by Government of India’s Ministry of new and renewable energy. You can check out for this on the official site of MNRE.

• Going solar means you are producing your own electricity. It’s like having a clean power plant on your roof further you relieve your self from “dadagiri” of electricity supply companies.

• Solar is good for the planet because it helps curb the effects of global warming. Solar helps reduce green house gases by offsetting fossil fuel-based electricity production such as coal and natural gas power plants.


How much electricity do I use?

You can figure out your electricity consumption by looking at your previous monthly electricity bills. We have made a small check list for this. We may also send it on your e-mail ID or call us we shall be pleased to guide you.


How much solar energy will I produce?

There are many variables to consider for accurate estimation. Like • Pitch and orientation of the roof. • Total system size of the solar array. Etc.

Ideally solar panels are installed facing south; approximately 1000-watt system will produce about 110 kWh a month. Our technical team will be pleased to help you in designing the right kind of solar power system.