Photovoltic Modules

The solar photovoltaic modules are composed of high quality mono- or multicrystalline cells We take all due care while getting you the best brands of PV modules in India. We ensure following thing points to get products from manufactureres.

* High-quality cells

* Wide power-range

* Bypass diodes to avoid effect of partial shading

* Anodized aluminum alloy frame

* Tempered glass for rugged protection.

* ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility

* IEC 61215 certification by EuroTest and TUV

* Competitive price-performance ratio


P.V. Modules efficiency

Commercial crystalline photovoltaic modules efficiency typically ranges from 10 to 13 %. However, you must be aware, that the solar cell efficiency doesn’t equal the module efficiency. The module efficiency is usually 1 to 3 % lower than the solar cell efficiency due to glass reflection, frame shadowing, higher temperatures etc. Thin – Film/Amorphous modules have the lowest price, yet their lifetime is short and their efficiency is up to 8 % only.