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Since 2008, Nankharia Energy is in your service as a solar integrator. We’ve a good reputation among our customers for the services rendered by us. Our solar power rooftop systems are working seamlesly with optimum results.

Your town's most trusted solar integrator.

Customer centricity has remained at the core of Nankharia group’s business policy since its inception for more than four decades and it is this belief that has led the business to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with its customers.


Nankharia energy is backed by a large pool of fully satisfied and happy customer base. It is having a reputation of providing a full range of reliable products and efficient services necessary for the proper integration of solar photovoltaic power into our nation’s current and ever evolving electrical infrastructure. Nankharia Solar power systems are helping our customers in achieving self-reliance in energy to a large extent.

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    Solar Engineering

    To get best results from your solar power systems you need best technical partners. Engineers from Nankharia Energy help you achieve your goals.



    Your solar power system will certainly work seamlessly if all the components used in it meets its requirements. 



    Nankharia Energy’s team of experts are always there for the flawless construction and commissioning of your Solar power plant .


    Annual Maintenance

    Solar Power Plants are designed to work for a very long period. If properly maintained, they give excellent results. Nankharia Energy’s team will do that for you.

    How much solar energy your site can produce?

    Nankharia Energy’s experts will help you know your site’s potential.

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